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Add an extra layer of gaming into your gaming completely free
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Earn coins by gaming and select from a variety of epic unlockables in the Store
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Share that crazy clutch win with other players to see in crisp HD
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Our LFG Stories get you connected with players so you can stop solo-queuing
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Mushroom is more than an amazing bot, it's the world's first gaming social network
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Complete Quests & Earn Coins with a Full Currency Economy
Quests on Mushroom are tracked automatically in the background while you play. Rack up some coins to spend in our Store or send coins to other members
Over 1,500 Games Supported
Store with 1,000+ Unlockable Items
Quests Automatically Tracked
Earn Your First 250 Coins Now
Live the Moment, Share the Moment
Get your most glorious gaming moments in front of an audience who can relate and react. With HD video posts, you can share every last bit of that Ace
HD Video Upload
Share Your Clips with a Gaming Audience
Post GIFs, Images, & Memes
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Gamememesarelife·Just Now
That was insane @winnicely - what sens do you use?
2m ago

Battlefield™ 2042

22m ago


1h ago


12m ago

League of Legends

Just Now


6m ago


Find Players Like You with LFG Stories
Sometimes you just want to game alone but other times, you need a dependable squad with that one player who always rushes but it’s OK because they tell funny jokes
Organize Events to Play Together
Coordinate Play with Friends & Guilds
Promote Your Stream & Live Events
Find Your Squad Now
All Your Gaming in One Place
Mushroom makes it easy and fun to connect with other players through customizable profiles that showcase your most important gaming information
Follow Your Favorites to Stay in the Know
Vanity Profile URL 100% FREE
Easily Add & Copy Game Usernames
Claim Your @Username
Are You The Best? Prove It
Sometimes you just want to game alone but other times, you need a dependable squad with that one player who always rushes but it’s OK because they tell funny jokes
XP + Game Leveling with Automatic Tracking
Leaderboard Filters to Compete with Friends
1,500+ Games Supported & Counting
Start Climbing the Leaderboard

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How do coins and the currency system work?
Sounds good but… is Mushroom totally free?
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