Quests not working?

These are the things to check for to ensure quests run smoothly:

  • Are you playing the PC version of your game?
    • Quests only work for PC games currently. Mac versions sometimes have issues as well now, though we’re improving reliability there.
  • Is “Game Activity” enabled in your Discord settings?
    • This is the privacy setting that allows Discord to share what you’re playing. It must be enabled for us to grant quest credit.
  • Are you running Discord’s desktop application?
    • Browser and mobile versions of Discord cannot see your gameplay and show it to us. Make sure Discord’s desktop app is running while you play to earn quest credit.
  • Is your Discord status set to “Online”?
    • “Idle” and “Do Not Disturb” statuses don’t allow for collecting quest credit.
  • Is your game in the quests list?
    • Text m quests to your Discord to check for currently available quests.
  • Have you already completed all of today’s quests?
    • Games typically have 3-4 quests available each day, check again each day for a new batch.
  • Is the bot wrong about your presence?
    • If your presence in Discord is different from what the bot reports in m quests, try restarting Discord or cycling your status between Idle and Online.

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